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5 Crucial Points to Consider When Marketing Holiday Cards

For marketers, the fourth quarter is one of the key months for promoting products. Although it is a period for holiday celebrations, it is also a time for promotions. It does not matter if your promotion is small as even the smallest one at this time of year can provide your company with a significant boost moving forward. A small act, such as sending a holiday card, can have a major impact on a relationship. Here’s the five important points to consider when marketing holiday cards.

Your relationship with your customers can be strengthened by sending them holiday cards. You can show your customers how much you appreciate them with Christmas greeting cards since they are distinctly personal.

Aside from that, holiday card marketing can provide a much-needed promotional boost during the holidays. Holiday shopping is one big shopping spree with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Consumers are more willing to spend during the holiday season. You can inform people about your holiday marketing campaigns and promotions by sending greeting cards. You can also spread Christmas flyer to showcase your product’s sale/offer.

If you’re planning to send cards this season, here are some holiday card marketing tips you need to know.

1. Adopt A Traditional Approach Rather Than A Digital One

I understand that we live in the digital age, and that technological advancements have enabled us to effectively erase the barrier between us. The internet connects us in such a way that we can send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world, and even beyond, in a fraction of a second. So it’s only natural that business Christmas cards can be issued electronically, right?

Sure. But the question isn’t “Can we?” but rather “Should We?”

Cards are personal by nature and sending a holiday e-card completely damages that. Email cards are convenient and inexpensive (you can make them for free if you know graphic design), but they lack the personal and palpable effect of paper cards. They may even be marked as spam. Traditional Christmas cards necessitate some work, and the recipient values effort. You may also like how to choose the right personalized gift.

2. Make It Personal

Again, one of the benefits of current technology is the ability to print your message on a multitude of cards, no matter how long it is. Variable data printing is a feature of modern printers that allows you to change one component of your message (such as the name) on each card. Of course, you should make use of them.

Make sure to include a little handwritten remark on your cards, though, to add a personal touch. “Hey Vanessa, we appreciate doing business with you,” for example. In order to create a consumer relationship, saying “Here’s to us in the new year” can be effective.

3. Quality Is A Reflection Of You

First impressions are important. What will be the first thing your recipient notices when they receive your card? Your card’s design comes first, followed by its quality.

Holiday card marketing, on the other hand, is already one of the most cost-effective promotions you can use this season. By using an online graphic design tool, you are able to design holiday cards more efficiently. Don’t skimp on quality by opting for the cheapest choice. 

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Rather than hiring a $5 graphic designer from a dubious website, choose a decent one. Many of these sites employ plagiarised content that, if discovered, might come back to harm you in the future.

Make sure to print on high-quality cardstock as well. A holiday card will be mailed to your customers, so it needs to be durable enough to withstand the mailing process. Consult your printing service provider about the best options for the campaign you’re running.

4. Be Considerate Of Your Audience

You are representing a brand as a whole as a business. You don’t want to upset the religious sensibilities or sense of humor of your customers. Many firms have already made the marketing blunder of cashing in on government holidays and remembrances, such as 9/11, leaving behind offending posts, tweets, and emails. Don’t go down the same path as them.

Create a stylish design for a generic and secular card. As much as possible, say “Happy Holidays!” I strongly advise you to use lyrics from a well-known Christmas song. ‘ It’s the season to be cheerful!

5. Send Out Your Holiday Cards As Soon As Possible

Because it’s early November, it’s a good idea to finish your card designs now so you can send them to your printer. Don’t wait until the last minute to finish your card; else, it will feel and appear rushed. After all, the holiday season is short, and you need to strike at the proper moment to make the biggest impression. Take note of the average time it takes for your consumers to get it from the time you mail it.


Keep in touch with your customers by sending them holiday cards. These are some tips on how to plan and execute a marketing campaign for holiday cards this year.

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