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5 Costume Ideas for This Year

It’s time to start planning your costume for Halloween. At least, we think it is. Any Halloween fanatic knows that the best costumes take time to plan and prepare, especially if you need to order specific pieces that make the costume complete. So, to help you get ready for a Halloween like no other, consider these great costume ideas for 2022:

Dress up with your honey

If you’re partnered up and want to make an impact at your Halloween event, consider couples Halloween costumes so that for one, it’s easier to come up with costumes, and also two, so you look adorable at your Halloween party.

There are so many great options for couples costumes that can be anything from famous couples throughout history (Brangelina, anyone?) or characters who worked together from your favorite books (think Sherlock Holms and Watson). Couples costumes are a lot of fun to do when you have a honey to pick outfits with.

Go full Burning Man festival style

If you didn’t get to go to Burning Man last year and may not be able to make it this one, don’t let that stop you from showcasing your creativity with Burning Man style. Show off your style with the outfit that you would wear if you could make it to Burning Man this year. Hire a face painter to help you complete the looks.

Better yet, throw your own Burning Man mini-fest and enjoy a unique artistic celebration of your own. Halloween parties can be whatever you want them to be and if you and your friends love festivals and the unique styles found at a festival like this one, enjoy throwing your own version of it.

Steal a character from popular shows

Remember Tiger King and the subsequent costumes that showed up at Halloween of 2020 (even if it was in people’s homes, by themselves)? Now, in 2022, we have more popular shows taking the stage, which means more fun characters to choose from.

Whether you’re all about the Squid Game and put together a costume from that show or you prefer Stranger Things, there are an abundance of shows with characters that would be very suitable for a Halloween costume theme.

Do a family theme

If you and your family are looking into Halloween costumes, you could always find a theme that unites you all. Whether you’re a bunch of Care Bears or you’re the Power Rangers, having a united costume can be a lot of fun, whether you’re a family of four or five or just a family of three.

Matching outfits or costumes that tell a story from your favorite show are great fun for both trick or treating and Halloween pictures as well.

Celebrate your culture

This is a unique suggestion as it’s recommended that you don’t steal from someone else’s culture. However, for example, if you’re Mexican and you love the beauty of the story behind the Catrinas, you may want to celebrate this aspect of your ancestry and culture and showcase something that is important for you and your culture.

When in doubt, don’t. But, if there’s an aspect of your culture that you want to dress up as, you could find an amazing outfit that tells a story of your people and ancestors. A talented face painter can help you with your face paint.

In Conclusion

It’s never too early to put together a great Halloween outfit. If you’re ready to start shopping, think about these ideas above. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, for you and your sweetheart, or your whole family, get creative.

It’s the one time in the year where you can bring your costume dreams to life, so go ahead and spend the money and enjoy the process. Halloween only happens once a year!

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