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5 Best Twitter Feed Plugin For WordPress Website

Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms. People posts about politics, news, sports, and trending topics in limited words. People use this platform to voice their opinions on any topic.

With more than 192 million daily active users, Twitter has surfaced as a social media giant. With such a huge user base, it impossible for marketers to ignore Twitter as part of their marketing strategy. 

The marketers are always looking for new ideas to embed Twitter feed into their website. By embedding Twitter feeds on the website, you can make your website more interesting and appealing.

Embedding a Twitter feed on a website is an amazing way to make the website interactive and to keep the audience engaged with the content. The Twitter posts keep the visitor up-to-date with the latest news regarding your business and create a link between your website and your Twitter handle.

Top 5 WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins Embed For Your Website Need

The market is full of such tools that help you embed your Twitter feed onto your website, and as most of the sites work through WordPress, these tools are compatible with WordPress. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 tools that are readily available in the market and are currently the best in the business. 

1. Social Media Aggregator

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregator tool available in the market. Tagembed launched a new WordPress plugin like Social Media Aggregator. It helps you to collect, curate, and customize the feeds from social media and displays them on your website as one unified presentation. 

It is even compatible with Twitter, providing you all the feed related to your business from the social media platform. People use Twitter to post their content and write reviews about the product they used, and with the help of Tagembed, you can showcase those content and reviews on your website, giving your new customers social proof about your product and business. 

It also provides you the option to monitor the feed and filter out all irrelevant content. The tool helps you to make your website more interactive for the visitors by providing them the latest posts about your business from Twitter; this also helps you gain more followers and enchase your social media presence.

2. Smash Ballon Custom Twitter Feeds Pro

Smash Ballon Custom Twitter Feeds Pro is a popular tool that provides you all the Twitter posts related to your business and displays them on your website in an attractive manner. 

The plugin provides various layouts and customization options to make your feed more vibrant. You can change your font style, font size, and background color to showcase your artistic side on your website.

The tool fetches the posts using hashtags, mentioned, tags, and keywords. You can keep an eye on these posts and hide the posts that are unwanted on your feed.

3. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is another popular plugin. It helps you to increase your website traffic and enchase your social media presence. One of the best features of Social Warfare is that it provides a share button that helps you to amplify your posts.

You can customize the share button and can even change the location of the button on your website. You can place the button above the post, or below the post or can make a manual placement of the button according to your preference. 

It is an easy-to-use and easy to install tool that enchases your website’s beauty and helps boost your social media posts.

4. GS Twitter Feeds

GS Twitter Feeds is a great WordPress plugin that collects the tweets and posts related to your business and beautifully displays them on your website, providing a stunning look to it.

The tool provides a different layout and theme that you can select according to your preference and style. It provides as many as nine themes to display your feed.

You can make your website interactive with this tool and customize the feed by selecting the different themes. The tool is easy to set up and provides amazing results for your social feed and helps to increase website traffic. 

5. Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed is amongst the most talked about tools in the market. It is a simple tool WordPress plugin tool that displays the Twitter feed related to your business on your website and makes your website engaging for the visitors. 

Twitter Feed provides different layouts and themes for the feed; you can choose the appropriate theme and layout and make your website pleasing to the eye. 

The tool is coding-free and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. You can locate the plugin according to your need on your website and provide a little sneak into your Twitter chatter. 


Twitter Feed plugin is an amazing tool that helps your business to get more followers and customers. The tool not only makes your website attractive but also provides social proof to your customer. A customer always looks for social proof and reviews before buying any product. You can provide both to the customer in the same window.

The tools mentioned above are currently the best tools available in the market that display the Twitter feed on your website. These tools are easily accessible and are easy to use and install. You can try these tools on your website and experience an edge over your competitors. These tools will help you shine against the crowd and help your brand establish a social media presence.

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