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5 Best Discount Wheel PopUp Plugins To Gamify Your Website

PopUp Plugins are a great source of engaging website visitors by offering them something exciting and grabbing their attention. Popups can be discount spins and forms, sales campaigns, news, and updates.

This blog is mainly written for defining the Discount Wheel Pop up Plugins to Gamify your website.

Gamification refers to making your website or WooCommerce online store exciting for a better reach to the audience.

When it comes to sales or a high volume of traffic, website owners need to do something that effectively catches every individual visitor’s attention to make them spend a time slot on your website.

If you search for discount wheel pop-up plugins to gamify your website, you might get a bulk of options. That is why we have separated five of the best discount wheel popup plug-ins for our readers.

  • OptinSpin

OptinSpin is a reward-based plugin for WordPress to add a wheel-of-fortune to your WordPress website. The purpose is to gamify your website with the captivating fortune wheel that offers amazing discount prices.

The live try on your website button takes you to the live preview, where you can see how the spin wheel would best fit on your website.

Implementing this wheel to your website guarantees you increment in your sales and multiplying the potential visitors.

Customize your spin wheel and match it to your theme colors. Furthermore, you can change the overall look of this wheel.


  • Visual appearance customization is available, like colors, text, and theme (Snowfall).
  • Set the winning and losing process by applying the probability rules.
  • Display your logo at the center of the wheel.
  • Create email templates for both winners and losers.
  • Design winning coupons integrated via WooCommerce.
  • Add sound effects on the wheel spinning. Disable if you want.
  • Set a time delay for OptinSpin to appear on your website.
  • Set the wheel, placing it wherever you want on the web pages.
  • Add celebration popper effects for winning users.
  • Full-time support is available.
  1. myCred Spin Wheel

myCred Spin Wheel is a premium gamification add-on belonging to myCred addons family. It gamifies your website by offering an aesthetically appealing spin wheel with fantastic discount offers.

Every time visitors visit your website, they get a chance to win a prize by spinning a wheel. Each slice of wheel consists of discount offers that a user can utilize once win.

This addon helps in increasing website engagement and also converts the usual visitors into regular customers.

People find it more interesting by trying their luck and shop from your website/online store using the discount offer.


  • It allows you to set unlimited slices to the lucky wheel
  • Customize your spin wheel the way you want.
  • It allows you to set the free spin limits and offers.
  • You have the authority to use the shortcode for displaying the spin wheel anywhere on your website.
  • It allows you to set the display on a particular page of your website.
  1. Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel for WooComerce is a WooCommerce extension to compel your visitors to buy from your WooCommerce store. Visitors will start becoming your customers if they find discount offers on spinning a beautiful wheel.

The wheel of fortune takes your visitors’ interest higher, and it helps in lead generation. Retaining your customers is not an easy task, but gamifying your online store with a spin wheel will work out in such a case.

Make the wheel interface very interactive by adding the customization techniques using the customizer from the user-friendly back-end options.

Obviously, if your visitors get a discount, they will eventually end up shopping from your online store using the discount code applicable to your WooCommerce store.


  • It is completely customizable, from the wheel color to text messages.
  • It enables the admin to preview the changes before taking them live.
  • Control the slices of the wheel and insert the prize on each portion individually.
  • Check the statistics of wheel usage, including all factors.
  • Link your spin wheel to any e-books or PDFs as a gift for your customers.
  • Responsive user interface for mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices.
  1. Wheel of Popups

Wheel of Popups is a fortune wheel for all eCommerce websites, and it fits with every online store to increase engagements and sales at the same time.

Visitors will have no other option except for spinning this lucky wheel to try their luck, and after winning a discount offer, they will have to buy from your store to utilize their discount deals.

This popup has been specifically designed to convert the visitors and market your e-store for rapid growth. It is the best option for gamification purposes and attracts massive traffic to your site.

The users can customize the pretty cool spinner according to their eCommerce store theme styling. Change colors, fonts, styling, and also add a logo at the center of the wheel.


  • Create a separate page for promotions with a spin wheel and share the link in social media and email.
  • Embed this wheel to any section of your eCommerce website for promotions.
  • Change the appearance of the spin wheel by customizing it from the front-end options.
  • Responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Preview the run time changes.
  • Handle the legal documentation.
  • Translate it into any LTR language.
  • Edit it in your own way; also, you can include HTML and CSS styling.
  • Offer rewards as per your choice.
  • Add animations and sound for a better user experience.
  • Set countdown for the coupons and discount availability.

5.Popup Maker

Popup Maker offers various popup options like contact form, countdown timer, discount offers, sales offers, last but not least, spin-to-win wheel.

The name “Popup Maker” defines itself and spin-to-win for gamification comes on top. When visitors see a spin wheel, most probably they tap to spin.

Offers discount on each slice of wheel and customizes it respectively. It provides solutions for all eCommerce stores and increases the customers’ engagement, and boosts sales.

A user can pick any of the ready-made templates and implement them to the website within seconds for a quick setup.

This plugin is not designed explicitly for the spin-to-win wheel.


  • It enables you to create email opt-ins, lead generation, eCommerce, contact forms, and spin-to-win popups.
  • Appear automatically on the website screen with a preset delay.
  • Specifically opens when anyone scrolls down or leaves your webpage.
  • Integration with third parties.
  • Control popup customization.
  • Ready-made templates are good to go.
  • Exit-intent popups.

Ending Notes:

Now the choice is yours. At least five options are enough to pick any one of them which best fits your needs. We have covered up almost all the necessary details of discount wheel popup plugins to gamify your website.

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