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4 Resolutions That Will Help Your Wallet!

You could make a regular New Year’s resolution to “save more money” or you could take on resolutions that will help you accomplish a goal and save money. Essentially, you’ll be tackling two resolutions at once!

What Resolutions Will Help Your Wallet?

1. Quitting Smoking

This could be the year that you finally quit smoking cigarettes. As a habitual smoker, you might not realize just how much the habit affects your finances. Buying a pack per day could cost you thousands of dollars by the end of the year.

Quitting smoking can also save you money in the future. For instance, life insurance rates are lower for non-smokers. You will have to stay cigarette-free for a certain amount of time before you’re eligible for this rate reduction. Ask your insurer how long you have to wait to be considered a non-smoker.

2. Limit Your Alcohol

Don’t just participate in Dry January this year. Make a resolution to limit your alcohol from this point forward. Limiting your alcohol consumption won’t just improve your health and erase your weekend hangovers. It will also save you money.

You can save on the costs of alcoholic drinks, along with the additional expenses that come with drinking culture, like fast food, rideshares and entrance fees.

3. Use a Water Bottle

Do you buy a lot of bottled water? Then, maybe your resolution for the year should be to purchase a reusable water bottle and bring it with you everywhere. The habit is a good way to go green and reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world, bit by bit. And it will save you money!

4. Do a Deep Clean

Commit to decluttering every inch of your home this year—and keeping it decluttered. How can this help your wallet? During the decluttering process, you’ll need to purge your home of unnecessary and unwanted items. You could sell these used items online and put the profits back in your pocket.

What Should You Do with Your Savings?

After you reap savings from your resolutions, what should you do with them? Do something else that will save you money in the long run! Put together an emergency fund.

An emergency fund will protect your finances whenever you encounter an urgent, unplanned expense. You can make a withdrawal from your fund to resolve the emergency quickly. There’s no need to panic.

Without an emergency fund, you might not have enough savings to cover an emergency expense right away. You could use the money sitting in your checking account, but if you’re not careful, you could hurt your ability to cover other essential expenses (bills, rent, etc.) for the month. You could accidentally put your account into overdraft, and then face consequences like NSF fees and canceled transactions.

If you’re ever in this scenario, you should find another means of covering an urgent expense—and do it quickly. You could charge the expense to your credit card, as long as you have enough room on it. You could also try to apply for a small personal loan through CreditFresh, as long as you meet all of the qualifications. If you’re eligible, fill out an application. You just might get approved for the small personal loan! Then, you could use the funds to handle your urgent expense and focus on the repayment process afterward.

Kill two birds with one stone! Accomplish a goal and save money at the same time.


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