3 Classic Outfits to Influence Today’s Male Fashion

Men are more experimental and expressive with their outfits these days. With a decreasing social space for problems like bullying and sexism, people are finding it easier to be truer to themselves. This is also evident in how expressive male outfits have become over recent years. People are moving beyond conventional fashion boundaries and discovering new dimensions of style every year.

But that does not mean you can’t reinvent an older male style without looking out of place in today’s world. Things like khaki pants and cardigans tend to be timeless in many ways, surviving decade after decade of male fashion. All you need to do is add a more modern and responsible touch to these styles and bring them into the 21st Century. Bored of trying to create new outfit ideas that never seem to last? Why not look at male styles that have survived for decades. This may be a good start. Here are a few classic style adaptations to get you started.

Modern Chinos

Chinos became an essential part of men’s fashion only recently. Surprisingly, they have been around for as far back as the 19th Century. The original chinos were designed to be used by the military in the field, thanks to the tough but breathable fabric. Chinos were dyed in various colors depending on what army or faction one belonged to in those days. However, chinos continued to stay in style for another 2 centuries. This in itself is a mark of true fashion, something that stays relevant for ages instead of just one season. Indeed, even one of the original chinos would not look too strange in many urban settings today. Of course, you don’t have to put yourself or your style-rep at risk.

Chinos are great, but you can find much better alternatives in terms of fabric, durability, and fit than you could in the early days. From 100% organic cotton to synthetic fibers, you have no shortage of materials. Styles ranging from classic fit to boot cut to straight fit allow you to choose a pair that suits your body type and proportions. And of course, dyes today are far more durable and vibrant than ever.

21st Century Button-Down Outfits

The classic button-down shirt is also known as the Oxford shirt has been a part of the white-collar culture for a very long time. These shirts are often seen in most formal settings. You see them at weddings, funerals, business boardrooms, banks, and even in courtrooms. The Oxford button-down shirt is the hallmark of the gentleman and man of means, and it acquired that status because at one point it was part of exactly that demographic’s attire.

Far from going out of style in our more relaxed period in the fashion timeline, the button-down shirt is still very much a part of business attire. Of course, business dress codes are more relaxed now in terms of helping employees feel comfortable and remain productive. That is why people can often find means for self-expression in even the classic symbol of formality. Modern button-downs for males still have neutral shades of whites and darks, but they also have much more in between. Explore more confident and vibrant shades in the summer, such as yellow, salmon, or even subtle patterns. In winters, opt for muted pastel colors. You can even go for button-downs with removable collars so that you can go immediately into party mode after you clock out.

Business-Casual Blazer

The blazer originated in the sporting communities of England, in the era of grand public schools and competitive prestige. Schools and universities quickly began adorning their coat-of-arms and colors on these blazers to set their teams apart distinctly from all others. This tradition carried over across the Atlantic as well, and top Ivy League universities like Harvard and Yale had their own blazers. At some point, blazers went beyond the domain of sports to become a bigger symbol or icon of collegiate life. An Ivy League blazer practically screamed wealth, success, and snobbery.

The modern blazer still serves to convey affluence and good fashion sense. But it is no more as exclusionary as it used to be. You can see blazers at day weddings, at funerals, and sem-formal business events, and even the occasional family dinner at a nice restaurant. Blazers today are made of more responsibly sourced material and with better technology, they can last much longer than those of old. Tighter cuts with straighter lines can help you look like the suave guy you are.

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