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25+ Halloween Creepy Fonts For Your Projects

One of the biggest marketing opportunities for year after year is only a few more weeks Halloween! All types of businesses take advantage of this season by setting their smart Halloween creepy fonts promotion.

With the surge in sales during this period, this is really a marketing opportunity that is worth considering. Most of any design work for this type of advertisement tends to require a number of good texts. You can also use online creepy text generator to make your text scary. This means that you need to choose the best Halloween font to effectively deliver your scary message.

The best Halloween font

Every year, there seems to be a zombie outbreak for new Halloween typography. This is not surprising because the poster Halloween, leaflets, and tickets are in demand to get the attention of potential consumers.

The typical font this season exhibits letters flowing with blood, dirt or trash juice. But if you want to attract more customers, it’s not a bad thing to choose something new for your horror -themed design. There are many fresh seasonal fonts that you can use for the scary design posters you are working on.

The two best for this season are:

Zombie font

Zombies is a big thing at the moment, thanks to the Hit TV program “The Walking Dead.” If you plan a zombie -themed promotion or announcement, you can imitate the fonts used by the show for instant recognition.

Indeed, the type of letters does not look like a scary font typical with liquid and drops, but that is something new but is recognized globally. This can easily attract more customers, especially those who like the show.

If not, get inspiration from classic zombie films from the 60s and 70s to increase the “vibration” of zombies from your design.

Harry Potter’s inspired font

If you want a smoother but still scary font for your Halloween poster, choose from a variation of typography inspired by Harry Potter.

Most present a clear and easy to read features despite their scary tones. Font inspired by HP makes an extraordinary copy creepy fonts for Halloween invitations, adjusted leaflets, and special posters. They are also quite flexible because children and adults can recognize fonts from famous books and film franchises.

In addition, using fonts inspired by HP adds a touch of mystery, chaos, and instant magic for your design.

Creepy Halloween font

Font inspired by zombies and cellphones is only two examples of great types of Halloween typography. To give you more choices, here is 25+ Halloween creepy fonts that you can use for your annual promotion.

Lord Zero

Look at the loudest & wildest fonts of us – Lord Zero! This handmade font is a perfect attention extinguisher for posters, logos, clothing, album artwork, or any design that requires good kicks to the proverb.

Attic ywft

This magnificent YWFT attic is full of surprises, with a beautiful alternative style and Swash features that even Scooby Doo can jump into your arms, if not because you interfere in children.

It’s just disgusting

This font is only for fun. That’s only 26 capital characters. There are no punctuation, no lowercase, no numbers. I made it tight to have fun.

BB Monsterific

Monsterific BB is inspired by the title of the classic 70s horror magazine, and displays a large complementary European character and more than 160 OpenType autoligue! Perfect for Halloween or spooky time this year!

Relax subtle btn

Fluffy Slacks is a type of relaxed font that is perfect for informal nameplate, main header and display application.

Wild animals

Beast is a brush creepy fonts with uppercase letters, alternative letters, numbers and punctuation. Some letters have an alternative version that you can give with a hat key.

Creepster Pro

This is terrible! It’s bleeding! This is very happy! Creepster Pro, a new font that is curved blood from squid and spectacle. Font that is filled with fear has so many alternatives such as sewing with your own monster every time you use it. Creepster Pro: Perfect for all your terrible graphics needs!


Deathgrin is a font of handmade horrror style display, guaranteed to give your text a healthy dose of terror. Font is only a caps, but does not include some alternatives and basic punctuation.


Veritus is a brush font with an evil character. This includes English capital letters, numbers, and simple punctuation. Some letters also have an alternative version that you can give with a hat key.

Story brush

Story Brush is a high detailed brush font that has more than 240 flying machines. Come with 2 regular and tilted verison. This font is equipped with an openype feature to create a special feel for your design. These creepy fonts are designed for the design of t -shirts, logos, horror design, grunge & etc.

Brush Dexsar

Dexsar Brush is a high detailed brush font that has more than 240 flying machines and is equipped with an openype feature to create a special feel for your design. This font is designed for design purposes such as t-shirts, logos, posters and etc.


Wolfsblood is a new face face by Jim Ford, adapted from hand logos born by punk rock bands such as The Misfits and Bad Brains. This style can be traced back to Hollywood and exploitation explosion of low budget, horror and science fiction films, which also have an influence on punk rock.

Brush art

Artsy Brush is inspired by ink & tints manual handdrawn brush to make a messy mess can help a good appearance, used for labeling, clothing, film screen, band logo, film title, show, or cover album.

Rag Fy

RAG FY, Type of Wild and Dynamic Letters, with Dingbats Crazy Animals. Perfect for headlines, posters, short text or logo design.

Shrinking BB head

Shrunken Head is the title of a classic and depressed comic book. The family consists of regular, tilted, lightweight, and lightweight.

Monster Party

Monster Party is a picture of a picture of a picture with many characters for every event that haunts. Appears in two styles, monsters and bones for any situation you need it.

Monster Fiesta

The type of offbeat, fun and frightening serif letters inspired by Rankin Bass Animagic Classic 1969 entitled, Mad Monster Party.


Myster is a truly random font – each lowercase has three alternatives, the exchange in the set. This makes the look of the mystery of life, handicrafts, painted for special events, rather than fonts chosen from the usual case type …

Of course, the mystical character font defines the scope of its use – the film industry, game, and publishing. But the field of myster application beyond them. This font is able to create the desired atmosphere in packaging, children’s books, magazines, and in advertisements.

Ewing Julian – Layered Typeface

Ewing Julian is a type of handmade letter 100%. With 5 styles that complement each other, giving you a professional horror design. Complete the lower class alphabet and uppercase with some punctuation and symbols. Also a graphics bonus package to make your design more amazing.


Schwarz is a type of black letter inspired by all black. Sharp jagged and diagonal edges make Schwarz a font that clashes the head. Some alternatives and style ligators are also available.


Horror, as the name suggests, is a very great expressive typography to describe topics such as: atmosphere of nocture, horror, zombie films, hard rock, festivals, halloween … accompanied by many ornaments that you can easily illustrate these themes.

Endless sadness

Endless sadness is a versatile display font inspired by vintage typography which is usually displayed on posters, books and CD covers. Irregular fonts clearly represent the feelings of the hands and humanists. You can use it for the next handmade project: posters, leaflets, banners, illustrations, cover, etc.


MUERTOS is a strange type of letter with multilingual capital letters, alternative letters, numbers, punctuation and ornaments.

Unstable slab

Unstable slab is the Serif slab version of our unstable fonts. This variable base line feature to provide an unstable display, and the top and bottom cases are slightly different and can be mixed to reach a less uniform display.


Smashing is a type of dashing letter, with twist. This is a large All-Caps font with a flying machine bounced, very brave but quite good. The upper and small letter slots store various letters, giving practical options to choose from.


Manicuore is a type of letter drawn by hand inspired by an Italian film poster by a productive film poster Symeoni (a.k.a. Sandro Simeoni).

Wild2 ghixm

Ghixm is a retrospective of horror comics and movie posters in the 1960s and 1970s. The liquid is formed to reach for watery graves and horror that cannot be changed. These bent forms reminiscent of the title that will make your skin crawl. It’s already curved and bent, so don’t hesitate to abuse it. This face can take it and still convey a messy message.


Thick brush/marker font in all hats. Including numbers, punctuation, some additional flight machines and alternatives for several letters. I have found good creepy fonts for the 80s style prints, horror -themed items or any graphics with the theme/grunge/urban.

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