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Health & Fitness

20 Tips for becoming a better CrossFit athlete

Expanded strength, improved cardiovascular endurance, core strengthening, and more noteworthy adaptability are a portion of the actual outcomes that you can expect in the wake of beginning a CrossFit athlete.

1. Stay humble.

There will be days where you will be humbled by a workout. It happens. Leave 

your ego at the door.!

2. Work on your weaknesses.

For example, can’t do double unders? Make sure you buy your

own rope and practice for 10 minutes after every WOD.!

3. Take a crawl, walk, run approach.

Want to achieve butterfly pullups? Work on shoulder

mobility, activating your lats, strict pull-ups, and ring rows.

4. Don’t cheat.

Cheaters never get very far and are always exposed at some point. Don’t be

that guy/girl.! This is very important to become a CrossFit athlete.

5. Load your torso.

Core work will lead to better and safer lifts. Lots of stability work such as

plank holds, side planks, weighted planks, parallette holds, just to name a few will help you

build torso strength.!

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6. “No rep” yourself.

Hold yourself to high standards and if you didn’t get your chin over the bar

on that pull-up, then don’t count it and make sure you do another one. At the end of the day,

you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t “no rep” yourself.!

7. Don’t filter your workouts.

If your home box lists the workouts online and you decide you’re not going to do the workout

because it has a movement you’re not the best at, go anyway. See Tip #2.!

8. Mobilize often.

All the time. PVCs, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, mobility bands are

all great tools so use them EVERY DAY. Sitting on the couch relaxing? Hop on a foam roller

on the floor for 20 minutes while you’re watching Modern Family and get into your quads.!

9. Eat to recover.

Put something nutritious in your body post-workout. The worst thing you could do for

you urself after a WOD is nothing at all. At the very least take your protein.!

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10. Work progressions.

Even once you have already achieved your muscle up, still work the

progression. Fundamentals will take you far and keep you out of Injuryland. !

11. Take your rest days.

For beginners, 3 – 4 days a week. Allow your body to acclimate to thisthe

the new intensity you are putting it through. Rest means muscles get a chance to rebuild.!

12. Be consistent.

If you want to see results then be consistent in your training regimen. Doing 4

days of training one week and then 1 day the next week and 2 days the next week is not a

results-oriented program. Create a schedule and commit.! Be confident play a very important role in CrossFit athlete.

13. Don’t steal equipment from your neighbor.

Don’t ruin someone else’s workout because their

the barbell is closer to the pull-up rig than yours.!

14. Use chalk wisely.

Being a chalk monster and making a mess on the floor is not going to

impress anyone. Over-using chalk cay lead to dry hands which lead to more

frequent callus tears.!

15.Speaking of calluses, take care of them.

I recommend buying a Ped Egg. Shaving them

down regularly and moisturizing will help you avoid tears and sensitive hands.!

16. Clean up after yourself.

Put your equipment away where it belongs and sanitize your

medicine ball. Heck, be neighbor r help them put away their barbell, too.!

17. Don’t duck out just because you have finished the WOD.

Stick around after you have

finished your workout and be there for your classmates. Even if you aren’t wildly cheering for

them, a congratulatory high-five after they finish always feels good. And help them put their

weights away.!

18. Participate in local competitions.

Whether as an athlete, judge, volunteer, or spectator,

experience this aspect of the community. You’ll meet great people, learn a lot and it’s always

a blast.!

19. Track your progress.

CrossFit is all about quantifiable results so write down every workout

and record your lifts and PRs. It’s incredible to see what we are capable of.

Websites such as “Beyond the Whiteboard” are great for tracking everything online.

It helps to become a better CrossFit athlete

20. Always be a good sport.

If someone gets a better score than you in a workout, that’s

awesome for them! Give them a high five and congratulate them!

What sort of results would I be able to accept from CrossFit?

Expanded strength, improved cardiovascular endurance, core strengthening, and more noteworthy adaptability are a portion of the actual outcomes that you can expect in the wake of beginning a CrossFit athlete.

In any case, past that, you’ll probably feel better and more sure about all that you do.

At the point when you regularly set aside the effort to put your body through new difficulties,

you may be astonished by how that training assists you with a trip with the non-actual obstacles you face for the day.

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