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1986 American Eagle Coin

In the coin business, it’s a widespread misunderstanding that all American silver eagles were made equal. Whereas no silver bullion eagle has less than 3.5 million coins, and none of the proven American silver eagles has less than 370,000 coins in mintage (except burnished, reverse proof, and special edition silver eagles), some of these coins can sell at a substantial number over the silver value of the coins. This article will highlight bullion and proof of the 1986 American eagle, which is purchased and sold for an extra premium above specific dates, mainly due to their mintage and demand in the market.

1986 American Silver Eagles Bullion

Bullion silver eagles refer to coins mostly purchased and sold for their silver content. In general, American silver eagles (which appeared in 1999 and before) tend to demand more. However, the following three years led the pack to silver eagle bullion coins: 1986 – Although over 5.4 million silver eagles were mined in 1986, similar to many previous silver eagles produced in the 1980s and 90s, 1986 was the starting year of the American silver eagle, which makes these coins very demanding. You are expected to pay a $15 or more premium for these coins. One thousand nine hundred eighty-six silver eagles sealed boxes sell for much more.

1986 American Silver Eagles Coins

1994–1994 is the first year of manufacturing American silver eagles in numbers below 5 million pieces. The actual mintage was 4,227,319 monkeys, about 800,000 fewer than the lowest mintage ever created. Like the American silver eagles in 1986, these coins sell for premium but are usually a little more than the premium paid to American silver eagles for 1986, $18 or more. Considering that the price of silver at the time wrote this is less than 19 dollars an ounce, this is nearly 100% of the spot price of silver.

1996 – 1996 was the first and only year in which the bullion silver eagle mintage was fewer than 4 million pieces. The actual amount minted in 1996 was 3.6 million silver eagles. If your American silver eagle album doesn’t include this coin, you’ll spend $60 or more for a 1996 uncirculated silver adult. Certified Silver Adults in 1996 tend to sell more, particularly MS70, which are up to $100!

Silver Eagles Proof

Silver eagles may cost as much as $600, but the starting price for most confirmed silver eagles is about $60. Like bullion silver addicts, silver addicts mined in 1999 and earlier tend to sell at more excellent prices than those made in 2000 or later, but two proof silver addicts, in particular, are in very high demand and sell for higher prices, which we will discuss further:

1993 – Although the first silver eagle proof of a manufacturing run of fewer than 500,000, the 1993 proof silver eagle mintage was about 93,000 less than the next closest mintage, with a total mintage of just 406,000 pins produced. These coins usually cost $90 or more, about five times the current market price of silver! Like any proof of the silver eagles, to enhance the value of your coin, it is essential to have the original government papers, including a reasonably lovely box.

1994 American Silver Eagles Proof

In 1994, the number of coins minted was about 34,000 lower than in 1993, such that the price was similar to 1993. Wrong! The cost of the 1994 silver eagles proof starts at $170, which is nine times the current silver repairs price. Due to the great collector demand, these coins are tough to obtain. Therefore you can anticipate spending a heavy price to include one in your collection.

Summary In conclusion

We have highlighted a total of 5 American silver eagle coins and evidence that they sell for more fabulous prizes than their counterparts. The 1986 American Eagle silver bullion eagle and the 1994 silver eagle are in demand, which means you have to dig a bit more in your pocket for these coins. Remember that the pricing and premiums shown above are the original government documentary and a clean box of beautiful uncirculated bullion coins and silver eagles. Be careful to check any coins rigorously for defects before making a purchase.

Are there rare American Eagle gold coin versions?

I would not be introducing a new and more contemporary design to replace this one until 1986 when the 1907 Saint Gaudens High Relief Roman Numbers Double Eagle gold coin was retired in 1933 and presented in Roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals.

Before 1991, the American Eagle gold coins had Roman numbers. However, after 1991, all American Eagle gold coins used standard Arabic numerals as their representation.

Silver coin design from the US Eagle since 1986

The design of all 1986 American Eagle silver coins has the ‘Walk Liberty’ emblem on the front or side, initially modified by American sculptor Adolph A. Weinman from a far earlier design in 1916. The reverse is a picture of a heraldic Adler and shield holding an olive branch and the 13-star arrows over his head, symbolizing the first 13 American colonies when they gained independence from the United Kingdom. John Mercanti, who worked for the American Mint, created the reverse side back in 1986. The wording on this site is ‘The UNITED AMERICA STATES’ and ‘1oz, FINE SILVER – ONE DOLLAR.’

Importance of 1986 American Eagles

First, hit in 1986, the design depicts a permanent Lady Liberty with one hand torch and another olive branch. The coin’s reverse shows the man with an olive branch in his beak, a male American bald Adler, descending to a roost with his hatchlings. This artwork symbolizes the togetherness of family and the spirit of America. The phrases appear on the right side of the coin; the words are on the left are above the eagle family, with a gold coin purity level plainly shown at the coin base.

Collectors can’t wait to get their hands on the brand-new Type-2! Introducing the all-new Eagle Landing concept! Weinman’s signature and the new, more detailed design. Emily Damstra, the coin’s designer, is a newcomer to the industry, as is Michael Gaudioso, its engraver.

Is it possible for this currency to become even more coveted? If you’re a lover of the Silver Eagle, you must have it in your collection since it is unique and very scarce. A comparable 1986 American Eagle from the First Year of Issue sells for almost $1,000 these days!


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