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14 Best Tips On How To Play Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fast and intense sport that is played across the globe. It’s a relatively inexpensive game to become involved in, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities, it can be played year-round.

Here are the 11 tips on how to play table tennis

1. Know Your Playing Area:

The playing area for table tennis is a minimum of 9 m long and 5 m wide. At the center of the table, the distance between the net posts is 4.5 meters. However, you don’t have to be confined to this kind of facility to play. Many players simply play on a slightly longer table in their home with no net or even use a ping-pong ball and two empty beer bottles as an improvised setup.

2. Prepare Properly:

If you are serious about playing table tennis, you should think about getting the proper equipment. For indoor play, there is a variety of tables to choose from, and there are also specially designed paddles that can be used. Outdoor players can buy paddles made of wood or metal for use on concrete or fiberglass tables. You will also need to purchase an official ITTF-approved ball. In addition, you may want to invest in clothing that will help protect your body from injury during play.

3. Get in a Proper Mental State:

Just like any game, you should be in the proper mental state to play table tennis. Otherwise, you may find yourself either over-or under-compensating for your nervousness. Before playing a game, take a few minutes to relax and focus on your breathing. Better yet, practice some breathing exercises before getting on the table.

4. Be in the Right Place:

You need to be sure that you are playing table tennis in the right place, and preferably with a professional. Just like golf, table tennis is not a game you can learn from a book or DVD because of the skill tests involved.

5. Scoring is Key:

Scoring is an important part of playing table tennis because it forces you to pay attention to the other player’s movements. If you are not paying attention, you may end up losing points that could have been earned by simply observing the game.

6. Time Matters;

When playing table tennis, having a timer available will help keep track of the time in each game, especially when playing in rounds or for money. The amount of time required to play a single game is typically 3 minutes or less.

7. Match Play Rules:

Table tennis is not a game where you can simply try to win the game by having the best overall performance. In most recreational games, you are only allowed to win by scoring more points than the other player. In professional competitions, however, not only is winning by scoring more points allowed but also there are rules regarding how many games you can win in a single round and how close your match score must be to your opponent’s. The official rule book will provide specific guidelines for this type of play.

8. Keep Your Shoulders Warm:

Recreational table tennis is a fast-paced game that may lead to injuries if you do not watch out for cold shoulders. Be sure to wear warm clothing, including gloves, while playing, especially if the surface on which you are playing is not completely level or if there are sharp corners or objects in the area.

9. Take Advantage of Power:

In table tennis, power is divided into forehand and backhand. For each shot, the direction of power is determined by whether your paddle is in front or behind you. If you are using a paddle with a larger blade than another player, it will give you an advantage.

10. Keep Up Your Skill Levels:

Table tennis or ping pong is not just about winning; it’s also about maintaining your skills level. If you play regularly, you will want to keep your skills sharp. If you are not practicing, try to find a place where the play can be legally archived.

11  Don’t Let the Competition Get to You:

Many people find that they sometimes become frustrated when playing table tennis because they feel that their opponent is not competitive or sportsmanlike. If you find yourself becoming angry, you should take a deep breath and try to remember that the other person is only trying to win.

12. Keep a Positive Outlook:

It’s important to stay positive when it comes to playing table tennis. If you become frustrated, it can affect your gameplay, and you may even lose points unintentionally. Also, you should always look at the bright side of things when it comes to a game that may be frustrating. For example, if your opponent is beating you consistently in games, think about how much better your skills will become as a result.

13. Have Fun When Playing Table Tennis:

There are many reasons why people play table tennis, but the most important one is simply for fun. Make sure you enjoy every opportunity to get at the table and play! Furthermore, you should make sure you have fun when playing with others, as well!

14. Take Time to Learn:

Many people who consider themselves to be skilled at table tennis aren’t really that good at all. While there are many people who would be considered “amateur” players by the other standards of the game, these players are not referred to as unskilled. Rather, they take time to learn how to play their best game from a variety of different sources before getting on a table and playing with others.

Table Tennis is an interesting game to play. It requires the use of two hands and two paddles, with the objective being to hit the ball into the opponent’s court. It’s played on a table that is similar to that used for ping pong. However, it has been shaped differently so that it resembles a tennis court. It’s a fun game to play either recreationally or for money. It’s a vigorous game, so you’ll just have to find out for yourself if you’re good enough to be considered a professional player.


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