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10 Wedding Jewelry You Must Have To Go With Your Wedding Dress

The list of bridal jewelry and accessories is very long. There are a number of ornaments that go with your beautiful wedding dressmaking your wedding look more admiring.

Some jewelry is considered important as per religious beliefs and is mandatory to pair with the traditional wedding dress giving you an awe-inspiring look. All these ornaments are eye-catchy and are eligible to give you a queen-like appearance.  

Here are some of the must-have jewelry for weddings in your list so that you can be the prettiest bride. So let’s check out some of the wedding jewelry that is necessary for every bride. 

  1. Necklace

The first most important attire is a necklace. The choker necklace or the aad necklace with kundan detailings and some beads and pearls or colorful crystals makes it super adoring. For weddings, the specially designed heavy choker necklace that covers the entire neckline looks just drastic. 

The traditional aad necklace of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is one of the essential bridal picks. You can match any of them with your bright and shimmery wedding dress.     

  1. Rani Haar

Another one to compliment with the choker necklace is the rani haar also known as the long haar covering the entire neck area and giving a full-fledged look. This is one of the majestic neckpieces that gives an admiring look to the bride. 

It is longer as compared to the choker necklace and studded with beautiful sapphires and diamonds giving it a bold and beautiful appeal. Many brides prefer a set of necklaces and rani haar to make a perfect match. 

  1. Earrings

Next eye-catchy piece of jewelry is a pair of bold and beautiful earrings. Usually, chandeliers and teardrops are added with the bridal outfits as they are bold and look heavy that perfectly matches with the saree or the lehenga choli of the bride.

Mostly a set of earrings and necklace is available so that your ornaments look dignified. But you can even choose them separately if you wish in different sizes and designs.    

  1. Maang Tikka

Nowadays the heavy matha patti maang tikka that covers the entire forehead is immensely popular among Indian brides. You can even opt for the single ones that are worn by parting the hair from the middle and securing the tikka with the help of a bobby pin. 

It is simply a chain with a beautiful pendant at the end that hangs on the forehead above the bindi. It has great significance and is a must-have ornament in the list of a bride. 

  1. Nose Ring

Another one in the list is a nose ring. It can be a small nose pin or a big and bold round nose ring detailed with some diamonds and pearls. To match with your wedding dress you should choose the round nose ring with intricate details and a chain connecting to the ear so that it gets support.

 This traditional jewelry adds an extra charm to your wedding dress. This one has the ability to allure anyone’s heart due to its stunning designs. 

  1. Bangles

Colorful bangles or matching glass bangles paired with the wedding dress looks dazzling. Not only glass bangles there are different bangles made of different metals and studded with diamonds and crystals worn between the plain bangles to make an exemplary match with the attire. 

Brides even choose to wear red and white chudas or expensive gold bangles with the traditional silk saree or a pretty maroon lehenga.    

  1. Hand Harness Wedding Jewelry

The haath phool or hand harness that covers the backside of the palm and has a ring to wear in the finger is worn by the bride on her wedding day. 

Adding this one to your hand will cover the backside of the hand giving it an interesting look. The jewelry can be made of gold, silver or any other metal and decorated with some tiny tassels, ghunghroo, beads and crystals that make it look immensely attractive. 

  1. Kamarbandh Wedding Jewelry

Wearing a gold Kamar band above the silk saree or a half Kamar band above the lehenga will be a complimenting part of your look. It can be a thin single Kamar bandh or a heavy one with multiple chains and pendants that gives it a graceful appeal.

 It is considered as one of the main bridal jewelry that helps you gather all the eyes on your bridal look. They are also made of pearls and beads that look adoring on even salwar suits.    

  1. Armlet Wedding Jewelry

While wearing a short sleeve blouse or a sleeveless blouse you can add an armlet to your arm and get an astonishing look. When you opt for Indian bridal jewelry sets wholesale then you can get every eligible ornament including earrings, rings, necklace, and armlet so that you don’t need to buy everything separately. An armlet can be a thin chain or may have a bold pendant that gives it an extraordinary look.   

  1. Anklet and Toe Ring Wedding Jewelry

Last but not least is a pair of anklet and toe rings. For brides, gold and silver anklets are the best. Pairing a broad anklet carved with some traditional designs and studded with diamonds and pearls looks just amazing with the ethnic dresses. A variety of anklets and toe rings are found that can be chosen depending upon all your other ornaments from heavy to light and thin. You just need to pick the best. 

Wrapping Up 

Listed above are all the essential traditional jewelry that is necessary for the brides to give them a perfect Indian bridal look to the wearer. Not only jewelry but even perfect makeup and a pair of matching heels are also required to pop up each and every eye on you. 

In hairstyles, you can opt for a simple bun with a lehenga or a classical braid decorated with flowers with a silk saree. Lastly, add an embroidered clutch to your outfit and there you go. Every bride is pretty on her own, so don’t panic and choose whatever you want, you will surely look the best.

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