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10 ways to improve yourself for a good sexual health  

The ways to improve for a good Sexual health is knowing oneself and keeping a physically fit body. The ways to improve are nothing but leading a healthy life, taking care of daily stress and anxieties and keeping the intimacy alive between partners.

Sexual health depends on relaxed mind, diseases free body and healthy relations between partners. All the steps that are needed to maintain a healthy life fulfil these basic conditions. One just needs a healthy routine to ensure that all steps are part of the routine. Let us study some of the ways to improve oneself and keep the environment for a healthy intimate relations with the partner.

Keep a healthy diet as part of a healthy lifestyle

A good intimate health depends on physical health, which in turn depends on healthy eating. Green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, tomato, cauliflower, drumstick, and fruits should be part of your daily diet.

Green vegetables, such as spinach, fruits, and nuts improve blood circulation in the body. A healthy intimate life needs an erection process that helps a man to get an erection with desire for some intimate moments with the partner. Fruits such as pomegranate, watermelon, berries, strawberry, banana, avocado, etc. improve blood circulation in the body. Avocado improves libido, which enhances the desire for an intimate life. Male prescribed Sildenafil citrate 100mg by doctors can reduce the need for the dose.

Fibre rich vegetables remove waste from the body to clear the digestive system. They also slow down the absorption of sugar from food into the bloodstream. This prevents onset of type 2 diabetes, which is one of the causes of poor intimate life.

Check overweight for a healthy intimate life

Obesity is the mother of many lifestyle diseases. A man with abdominal fat increases risk of type 2 diabetes as fatty tissue around the waist leads to insulin resistance. Overweight also puts strain on the heart to work harder. Reduce weight, check obesity and maintain a leaner body. A lean body automatically will create energy for a healthy intimate life.

Do aerobic exercises for a healthy private life

Aerobic exercises increase oxygen flow in the body. The exercises also improve health of the cardiovascular system including lungs. A healthy heart and increased lung capacity helps a man give better performance in intimate sessions with the partner. The endurance and stamina increases with aerobic exercise. The physical activities also keep blood sugar levels down to reduce risk of diabetes.

Take care of mental health for a healthy life between sheets

A relaxed mind is an essential part of a healthy intimate life. Yoga, meditation or indulging in some physical activities or hobby will reduce stress and anxiety. Some degree of stress and anxiety are normal in daily working life, but do not let the issue dominate your life. Deal with basic causes to reduce stress or anxiety or find alternatives to deal with them.

Boost libido by diet for a healthy sexual life

There is bound to be some impact on libido and testosterone levels after 30 or in 40 years of life. Low testosterone leads to low libido, which leads to less desire for intimacy with the partner. Eat certain foods to boost sagging testosterone levels. oyster , avocado , meat , beef , eggs , vitamin B complex rich food , tuna , egg yolk , low fat milk , fortified seeds , beans , crab or lobster , etc. will keep testosterone high . Vitamin B complex diet provides energy, libido and testosterone for a healthy life in bed.

Keep up the spark with the partner

Never neglect the partner if the desire for a healthy sexual life has to be kept high. There should be time for both of the partners to come together, spend time without intercourse in cuddling, caressing, and touching. The partner should feel that she is still attractive and desirable. The daily touching and spending time together also keeps miscommunication issues at a distance. All these factors help in arousal during intimate moments.

Use herbs with a healthy diet to be horny always

There is no problem in using herbs and herbal products to boost desire for intimacy. Some of the herbs are used for centuries for male virility and vigour. These are white musli, shilajit, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

Avoid excess smoking, drinking and heavy fatty meal

Cardiovascular health is an important factor in a healthy life. After 40 years of age, it becomes important to take care of heart health. Keep smoking, drinking and heavy meals to moderate levels.

Take time out for sessions with your partner

A long absence from an intimate session will gradually reduce the desire for intimacy. So from time to time, take time out to maintain that desire. If possible go out of the station to spend a couple of nights together. sexual health depends on use it or lose it principle, so use it to avoid losing it.

Put all these factors in daily routine for a healthy sexual life

There will never be a special moment to start leaving a healthy life. Make changes on the daily basis in diet, physical activities and intimacy with the partner. Start a healthy breakfast, take a healthy light lunch and dinner. Perform some simple physical exercise, at least a walk for some minutes and spend time with the partner. Gradually increase the sphere of these activities to reap the long term benefits. All these factors will reduce the need for Cialis 60mg doses recommended by doctors for severe erection weaknesses.


All steps for a healthy body, healthy food and relaxed mind take toward a good sexual health.  The point is to maintain the factor together in daily life and avoid harmful activities to the body and health.

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