10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Canada

Many people want to move abroad and move to Canada for so many various reasons. Most people want a good and established a life for self along with their family members. Many famous destinations abroad like Australia, Switzerland, UK provide a chance to Immigrants to have better lives but Canada stands at the top position among them all. 

Canada is not having an unwelcoming nature towards Immigrants and does not even indulge in red tape policies like other countries. Canada is prospering on immigration. People from different countries have immigrated to Canada. At least one person from almost every other country in the globe can be found in Toronto only. If you want to know one good reason why you should move to Canada in 2021 or beyond, we will give you 10 wonderful reasons to determine that Canada is the best for your bright future.

It Will Feel Like a Home Away From Home 

Many people experience different cultures when they move to a non-identical or new country. That is very natural and expected because of different or unknown living situations, different food, new transportation systems and different social lifestyles but if you move to Canada the feeling of away from home will not last for a long time like in other countries because Canada has a disparate population. 

You will not face any big problem whether you come here from Saudi- Arabia, China, Brazil, or South Africa. So you will surely find local people from your country in Canada and you can join their big ex-pat communities which will make you feel at home. You will find restaurants that will serve you food from your country. Generally, the people of Canada are very friendly and open-minded towards Immigrants. 

According to a study in 2016, about 7. 5 million people moved to Canada from various countries through immigration. Now Canada is planning to welcome almost 1 million immigrants by 2022. Canada welcomed about 10,000 to 50,000 Immigrants according to the Census of 2016, mostly from

Place are: 

  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Saudi-Arabia
  • UAE
  • Nigeria

According to the Census of 2016

50,000 to 100,000 Immigrants moved to Canada from:

  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Colombia 
  • Afghanistan
  • Egypt
  • Greece

According to the Census of 2016

100,000+ Immigrants moved to Canada from:

  • India
  • Vietnam
  • South Korea 
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • China

There Are Tons of Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada 

Many people wonder if they will get a job in Canada, who want to move to Canada. Because in 2020, the covid 19 pandemics affected the economy of all over the world. 

Immigration will be the main factor to the success and economic recovery of Canada admitted by Mendicino, Canada minister of Immigration on the Covid-19 pandemic.  

He said that Canada will continue welcoming new immigrants and permanent residents and foreign workers. There are some specific immigration and visa programs that need people from outer countries to accept job offers and can do work in Canada. It may be a difficult task to get a job offer in the current situation, but it is possible. The Imming Toronto team will guide you and help you in a proper manner to get a job. 

Canada Will Allow More Immigrants From 2020 to 2022

Canada has set their immigration target for 2020 at 341,000, with another 351,000 for foreign people to get permanent residence status in 2021 and has a target to welcome 361,000 Immigrants in 2022. 

The ageing population is increasing in Canada. That is why they want young professionals to move to the cities of Canada like Ontario, Vancouver, and Toronto in comparison to northern regions of Canada, which is almost ⅔ of Canada. Fast track immigration is in demand in Canada for some specific occupations like truck drivers, nurses, fishermen and trade workers which can help to maintain and boost the economy of Canada. 

You only need to choose a perfect immigration category for you. The Immig Toronto will help you to find a perfect Canadian immigration program which you can qualify with an online assessment. 

Best Healthcare system- No Hidden Costs

The public healthcare system in Canada is an example of an ideal public healthcare system. US State Senator, Mr. Bernie Sanders, said after his visit to Canada that this country is the ‘future of healthcare’. 

It feels fantastic to know that in Canada people can visit the doctor when they need to but they do not have to pay out of their wallet. Canada has provided equal healthcare facilities for all citizens and permanent residents. Each province, as well as territory in Canada, has its own healthcare system which provides all essential healthcare services to their people without any cost. 

Some healthcare services such as prescription drugs or dental or mental health costs may not be covered. Before moving to a province, find out about what is covered by their public healthcare system and determine whether you need to take out private health insurance for the waiting period. 

Never Worry About Paying School Fees, Best Education System

You can provide the best education to your children while living in Canada without having any tension about their school fees. Elementary schools from grades 1 to 6 and secondary school education from grades 7 to 12 have no fee charges which means parents can spend their income to provide their children extracurricular activities and Can save money for their post-secondary education. According to a survey by the World Population Review Canada has the most educated population in the world. Around 68% of people have completed their college degree or a university diploma. 

Canada is ranked as the fourth most famous country for international students. Students who prefer to come here have their degrees and diplomas from World-renowned and leading universities and colleges of Canada like

University are:

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Centennial College
  • Humber College 

After completing a graduate program most of the students like to stay and keep working in Canada and like to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permits. They can settle in Canada permanently by submitting applications to different immigration programs provided for foreign graduates by the Canadian government. 

It is a Safe And Peaceful Place to Live in 

Canada is known as a top ten most safe and peaceful country around the world. The World Population Review survey states that to live in Canada, Quebec is the safest city. Numerous foreign nationals move to Canada to avoid these internal disputes and political instability, and crimes. According to a Gallup survey in 1918, 84% of Canadians said they felt safe and secure in this country. 

More Outdoor and Leisure Activities to enjoy

Canada offers its citizens a balanced life between their professional duties and time spent with their families and friends which will be the main focus of an individual and a necessary factor of a happy life. You will not get all these facilities in every country, which can cause stress and unhappiness in the life of its citizens. The Canadian government offers many benefits to their employees, providing their workers more free time to spend with their children and enjoy long weekends away from their daily schedule work. 

Canada has a better work and life balance for its employees:

  • Benefits of Parental Leave for Expecting Parents.
  • Employees get 10 National Holidays.
  • They also offer paid Leave Days to their employees. 
  • People get High Wages.
  • They offer employees Remote Working Opportunities.
  • Provide Unemployment Insurance Fund to those who lost their job for some reasons. 
  • The government has fixed 40 Hour Work Weeks.
  • Provide their employees Better Working Conditions. 

Canada has 48 national parks and 31, 752 lakes of clear water which are the best options to relieve stress after a busy schedule of work.

It Is Cheaper to Move to Canada

It will cost around $16 300 for four persons to visit abroad but in case of immigration required various tests and verifications like English speaking and writing test, foreign qualifications credentials, medical examinations certificate, police verification. apart from these additional costs, each country charges extra immigration application fees and to make your application process successful, you will need to take the services of a visa agency. 

Ice Hockey and food

 Cricket in India and rugby in New Zealand, just like ice hockey, are very famous in Canada. Hockey is a full year watched sport and Canadian love to play this sport. You can enjoy watching this game with a lot of fans at the Rogers Arena. you can enjoy a variety of different food items and Poutine and beaver tails are some of the very famous dishes in Canada. 

Abundant Natural Resources

Canada is a country of abundant natural resources which is one of the major causes of its riches. Canada has a 7% renewable water supply in the whole world and has third place after Brazil and Russia. The country is well famed for its phenomenal and widespread natural beauty. Canada has all kinds of natural habitats and landscapes. Canada is home to oceans, rivers, mountains and lakes, waterfalls, forests, everything you can think of. 

How To Start Planning a Canada Immigration? 

You need to search for a visa program that will be suitable for you and your family. These visa programs require different eligibility documents and processing times. The team of ImmigToronto has highly qualified and best Canadian immigration consultant who can guide you with all your eligibility requirements and review your documents and application forms and also help you to submit your documents to the Canadian government. Also told you about different program like Canadian permanent residency from you can reach there easily

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