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10 Kitchen Designs Tips from Instagram Designers

As you spend most of your day in kitchen, it certainly has to be functional and appealing. Kitchen should be designed in a way that promotes swiftness in movement and optimises your tasks performance quality. Air and light should also be considered in kitchen design, allowing them to flow and shine all over your kitchen. Kitchen should be an area where you enjoy being in, so planning the scheme of your kitchen to be good-looking while being practical is what you need. Instagram is abundant in professionals for hire kitchen designers who have come to marvellous design tips after many thorough researches and analysis.

Some give advises on kitchen space management, others on the required amount of daylight that needs to enter to a kitchen, etc. You can pick some or all of the tips that you believe could help you in your kitchen design, in order for you to get optimal results.

Dailykitchendesign, Ampersand_studio, Lahomesolutionsinc, and Plainfancycabinets Instagram accounts suggest tons of tips that could be applied in our kitchens for an ideal practical kitchen design. Daily kitchen design explains that

  • Dining requires a minimum depth of 18 inches, whereas having short walls provides logical spots for switches and outlets.

It also explained that-

  • Tall stools can be tough for small children to use, thus, if you have children who usually enter the kitchen, then you should probably consider this tip.

Tips on choosing the right materials and chairs.

table and chair tips


According to this same Instagram account,

  • Skylights can completely affect the feel of a room. In addition to letting in more light, skylights create an illusion of a more spacious area. As for the kitchen, a skylight should be built in a way that it lets in a beam of light directed to the center of a kitchen.

Tips on how to set a skylight in kitchen.

skylights tips

Dailykitchendesign said that-

  • Kitchen experts commend following a certain technique in delineating areas in your kitchen for your everyday tasks. The activities performed in kitchen can be divided into five categories: Storage, Cook, Preparation, Clean area, and Food Storage. The elements and appliances representing these categories should be placed one next to the other respectively.

Tips on how to organise zones in kitchen for a smoother movement.

Kitchen zones tips

Ampersand_studio account gives as well some tips regarding the carcass of the kitchen, that is, the framework.

  • For materials, ampersand proposes to use MDF in kitchens, engineered wood, as it is stronger and more moisture resistant than particle board.

Tips on designing your kitchen carcass.

Kitchen carcass tips

  • Ampersand_studio also advises to go for adjustable shelves, considering its high functionality.


  • Ampersand favors fully Extendable drawer runners when it comes to drawers, but or the corners of lower cabinets, it is best to opt for cupboards.


  • Lahomesolutionsinc recommends, using wood to add warmth and character to the kitchen space.

Tips on choosing the right colour for your kitchen.

Kitchen design tips


  • Plainfancycabinets account advises, to add on new cabinets, but only if you know why you are adding them, that is, adding them with purpose and knowing how they will be improving your kitchen.

Tips on how to collocate cabinets in kitchen and in which case.


Ampersand enumerates some tips on choosing the right kitchen tap.

  • Swivel is a great function so you can move the water point around the sink. You can also place a pot on the edge of the sink, swivel the tap, and then fill it hands-free. Another type of taps would be a one-handed lever which is really useful because you can turn it on with your elbow or the back of your hand, and it is great when cooking with dirty or greasy hands.

Fancy filtered taps have become popular in most kitchens. Being an additional tap, they can do a combo of boiled/chilled/sparkling water, allowing you to have instant boiled kettle, however, the only inconvenience about this type of taps is that they are expensive. As for the goose-neck, it goes up and curls over, allowing you to get a big chopping board or bucket under it. But be wary of the really tall statement taps because sometimes when water is falling from a great height it can splash everywhere. The durable tap isn’t that practical as children can hang off the tap to climb up to the sink!

Tips on choosing the right kitchen tap

Kitchen taps

~ By Jenny Joumaa




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