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10 best tips for videography to increase the sales on amazon

If you are looking to improve your brand establishment on Amazon, the ideal way to do it is to make long-lasting customers. For that, you might want to get familiarized with quick tips to capture your product creatively and build an everlasting customer base. If you want to excel at product videography and are seeking techniques to improve your product representation on Amazon, keep reading because these tactics will definitely help you.


1)Keep your viewers entertained


If your videos are boring, you will hardly ever attract any eyes and keep them intact to your content. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to ensure is that your final product is a creative mixture of multiple shots. For instance, your product is kitchenware, show its use in the kitchen by operating it.

This is very important in e-stores as the customers don’t have the option of touching and using the product before buying them. However, you can effectively help them by providing them with an experience that’s almost as real as operating the product in reality.


2)Choose the right props


If you want to elevate the look of your product, the best way to do it is to place them against an attractive and aesthetic background. This will not only help you execute your product video in a better way but also help your customers understand the functionality of your product.

The product video must entail the usage of relevant props so the customers know what exactly do you have in store for them.


3)Put on subtitles


People usually hate to put too much effort into trying to understand motion pictures. Even on tv shows, they keep the subtitles on in order to make sense of the scenes as they move rapidly. To overcome this, it is suggested that Amazon’s product video contains relevant subtitles. After you’re done with the product videography, watch it like a random customer who knows nothing about your product and try to vocalize your thoughts.

When you’re aware of what aligns with their thoughts and your product’s functionality, you can easily make subtitles out of them and make compelling Amazon product videos.


4)Start with a storyboard


In the world of Amazon, where the pool of competitors is neck-deep, it is imperative that you plan your execution before showing up in public. Jot down your ideas onto a screen and convert them into a storyboard. Know what graphics, location, background, props, and content you’re looking to use before shooting your product video. Plan out each scene in-depth before putting it to action and you will produce the best Amazon product video ever.


5)Exhibit professionalism


As a hub of a myriad of competitors, you necessarily have to stand out in order to escalate your sales. For this purpose, you want to be professional when capturing Amazon product videos. Look up the making of compelling product videography on the internet and make use of every tactic shown over there.

As a professional videographer, you ought to invest in the relevant equipment and ensure appropriate lighting throughout the Amazon product video. Know when and where to start to make aesthetic videos that would stand out from the crowd on Amazon.


6)Publicize your efforts


When you’re done with making a professional Amazon product video that exhibits perfect lighting, background, graphics, props, and content, make sure to publicize your work to make the best use of your product videography. Upload it on the “video” section of your landing page on Amazon. Make it a part of your brand storefront to gain more audience. Do not forget to invest in sponsored brand video ads to make the best use of your product videography.


7)Invest in Sponsored Brand Video Ads


As indicated in the name itself, Sponsored brand video ads play as advertisements on the search page and drive sponsored traffic to your product listing. These people are sometimes those who are completely clueless about your presence and yet travel to your page to give you a view. Now the best way to turn them into a customer would be to exhibit compelling and attractive product photography that shows the functionality of  your product so the viewer can imagine themselves using it.


8)Make the first few seconds worth it


Know that your product videography is not a tv show with plots and climaxes that people are going to wait to get to. Amazon product videos are randomly played by random people who, if you succeed to entertain, will watch the entire video and might make a purchase from you. For this purpose, you must make sure that your Amazon product video is compelling enough in the first few seconds because you have a very short window of time to keep your viewers intact. If you manage to impress them in the first few seconds, it is very likely that they won’t leave the page without buying the product.


9)Use video editing apps


To produce impressive Amazon product videos, it is imperative that you know the tricks to edit the video in a way that is not only creative but also has the potential to keep maximum eyes intact. Therefore, you ought to learn to operate enhanced video editing applications through the internet in order to produce well-balanced and perfectly composed videos. If you succeed in doing so, the day will not be far when you will witness the slope of your sales going up rapidly.


10)Make a 360 product video


If you want to give your potential customers an everlasting experience of using the product without them using it in real life, you ought to capture your product from every angle possible. Record a short video showing the product from a 360 degrees angle and zoom in and out according to the details you are looking to show to your audience. This kind of product videography will not only familiarize the viewers with the features and structure of your product but also build trust within them which comes in handy if you want to retain your customer base, which I’m sure you want to.


Make use of these amazing tactics in the right way and witness your sales going up in no time. It is imperative that you keep your customers acquainted with all the features of your product, so there’s no gap when they are deciding on making a purchase from you. Good luck!

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