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Health & Fitness

10 Ayurvedic tips to help you wake before the sun

Waking early is considered very important in Ayurveda. To be more precise Brahma Muhurtha which is 45 minutes prior to sunrise is the optimum time to wake. If a lack of restful sleep worries you about the day to hit the alarm snooze button in the morning, you are not alone doing that. Although this can be seen as easier said than done. After reading through these helpful ten tips, it will effortlessly become part of your daily routine. 

  1. Set up your target:

To do this you must decide upon the waking time and visualise it in your mind. You must concentrate all your mental energy into this. By exercising this technique, you are growing determination towards the goal and setting your internal clock. 

2.  Switch off all technology at night: 

Phones, laptops and televisions emit blue light signalling to the brain than the daytime. Try to turn off your devices by 10pm at the very latest. 

3. Do not tell others of your plan: 

We recommend to not go around to your family declaring your goal of an early start. Friends and family members are not always the most supportive and sometimes install doubt into your mind.

4. Eat light at night: 

Try to avoid heavy, fried, sweet and frozen foods before bed. A light meal will help you to drift into a peaceful rest more easily and wake feeling light. 

5. Drink half a glass of water at night: 

By early morning you will wake with a full bladder forcing you to wake and get up. However, if you currently are experiencing frequent urination problems or diabetes this may not be the best method for you to try. 

6. Move the alarm away from your bed: 

This way you cannot just easily roll over and hit the snooze button. You must stand out of bed to turn it off giving you the best chance of getting up. 

7. Make it through the first half an hour: 

The first 30 minutes are very difficult as you can experience feelings of dizziness, heaviness of head and a great desire to return to bed. However, if you make it through this time with great determination you will find it a great deal easier to continue your day. 

8. Take a cold bath or shower: 

This is a very effective way to get your body to wake up. You can experience immediate alertness of the mind and ease with concentration. This will also allow you to be able to skip through the first 30 minutes of fatigue. 

9. After waking get straight up out of bed: 

It is good to jump out of bed when you are awake because spending any more time in the bed can turn you lazy and may you like to continue saying on the bed longer.

10. Diffuse some aroma 

You can consider an aromatherapy diffuser for your bedroom. Inhaling a invigorating essential oil can awaken your senses and keep you wake.  Some of the best essential oil like peppermint, orange, lemon. clove, patchouli, pink grapefruit etc. works very well.

This article is composed for the general awareness how to wake up early in the morning according to Ayurveda. If you are experiencing insomnia or any sleeping disorders and you have difficulty to wake up early, you might need a personalised diet and lifestyle plan. Ayurvedic doctor at Sunshine Ayurveda are available for in person or online ayurvedic consultation and he can tailor a individualised program to your need.

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