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Health & Fitness

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates You Should Know

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

Dates, which is an excellent natural sweetener, are also known as Khajur in Urdu and Hindi. Considering the amazing health benefits of dates, we find them full of nutrition and high in calories, especially carbohydrates. Moreover, it contains essential minerals and vitamins with fibers. The tropical fruit ‘dates,’ which has dark brown skin, soft flesh, and unique taste, is grown in small clusters on a date palm tree. If you’re on a diet and craving something sweet, you can opt for dates instead of going for candy or artificial juice, as dates are not only sweet and nutritious but also have other amazing health benefits in them.

Due to the amazing health benefits of dates, Muslims use them to break their fast in Ramadan, which is the month of observing fast.

1. Highly Nutritious and Salubrious Fruit

Dates have a rich amount of fiber, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, iron, copper, and magnesium. Moreover, the calorie content of dates is just like raisins and figs and is high in antioxidants.

Let’s discover the nutrients in the 100-gram serving of dates.

amazing health benefits of dates


2. Beneficial for Irregular Bowel Movements

The fiber content in dates is highly advantageous for those suffering from irregular bowel movements. Researches have shown that the people who ate seven dates daily for 21 days had better stool frequency. These people had a significant increase in bowel movement in comparison to when they did not eat dates.

3. Improve the Functionality of Brain

Dates have been found very useful and nutritious, if taken regularly, in reducing the development of degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Moreover, dates not only mitigate issues related to anxiety but also help in boosting memory and learning. Besides, dates help to improve the overall health of your brain.

4. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Due to the amazing health benefits of dates, they should be included in the diet regularly, which not only helps to reduce your cholesterol but also manages your weight.

5. Strengthen Bones

The existence of beneficial minerals in dates such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium prevents us from bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

6. High in Fiber

As we know, fiber is essential for our overall health. So, when you include dates in your diet, it is the best way to increase your fiber intake as it promotes regular bowel movements and prevents constipation.

7. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that the dates contain an opulence of fiber which helps the body absorb carbohydrates slowly and hence reduces the risk of blood sugar spikes.

8. Help to Improve Skin

The existence of vitamin C and D in Dates helps keep your skin smooth and maintain your skin elasticity. Furthermore, dates come with antiaging properties as well and preclude the growth of melanin.

9. Improve Fertility Among Males

Nowadays, many married couples suffer from infertility, and the global ratio of male infertility is rising rapidly. What can be the cause behind it? Unwanted anxiety, stress, agitation, drinking, smoking, and radiation exposure caused by electronic devices are some factors to male infertility. Studies have shown that men suffering from stressful life have a significantly lower percentage of sperm motility and sperm of normal morphology than those who didn’t face any stress or anxiety in their life. The date fruit has a significant effect on treating infertility in men. Researches have shown that the various vitamins and minerals in dates improve the sperm count and also increase the sexual libido in the person. Besides, dates contain flavonoids and different amino acids, which make sure the sexual performance of the male with enough energy.

10. Decrease the Risk of Cancer

As we all know, cancer is a deadly disease that claims a lot of lives throughout the world and puts a huge financial burden on the health sector. Various studies on dates revealed that D-glucan’s presence in dates is very beneficial and promotes anti-tumor activity in the body. Moreover, dates have a high concentration of antioxidants that reduce free radicals and hence decrease cancer chances. So, intake of dates regularly minimizes the occurrence of benign tumors as well.

Bottom Line:

Dates have exceptional benefits, as we have read above, for our overall health. Due to its numerous advantages, the date fruit is widely consumed in the Middle East, and especially when Muslims observe fasting, they prefer to break their fast with dates. Dates are a good source of energy and nutrients. Furthermore, dates help the body’s glucose levels return to normal quickly when eaten after a long day of fasting. Dates are also beneficial for those who observe intermittent fasting to lose weight. Fruits, especially dates, are loaded with fiber and control your craving for sweet stuff. These days also doctors advise their patients to stay away from processed white sugar foods as much as possible. So, add this natural sweetener in your diet instead of artificial sweetener and get a chance to nourish your body in a healthy way.


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